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I’ve operated primarily out of Nuke alongside software such as Maya, After Effects and more for the past decade creating detailed worlds for film and television. Collaborating with those around me and other available resources to deliver the best experiences possible.


nuke scripts

A Nuke script should be easily navigated by anyone on your team. The methods used to achieve a look should always be visible and the results should be obtainable by as many artists as possible, not just the creator. I strive to build easy to read and modify scripts that allow our team to move faster without sacrificing quality.



About Mark

I’m a 33 y/o artist who’s been working in the VFX industry since 2010. During my nearly ten years in the industry, I’ve mostly operated as a senior or lead level compositor at the studios I’ve been a part of. My strengths have mainly aligned me with the following tasks.

  • Creative problem solving

  • Setting looks for complex sequences that are easy to navigate/pass off

  • Working with other departments such as Lighting/FX

  • Aiding clients to better understand their wants and needs

  • Boosting morale around the office

I'm also an experienced entry-level lighting artist. I've invested a lot of my personal time towards exploring and tackling the challenges of being a lighter. By working towards becoming a better lighter I've become a stronger compositor and more creative artist. 

Along with being an artist, I am an active outdoor enthusiast. Either on foot, board, or wheels, I enjoy exploring and discovering new places in and around the mountains. It both inspires me and helps push me past my limits.



Operating Near Emeryville

I am currently operating out of the San Francisco, East Bay area. Commutes are no problem

Contact Mark

Send me an email by clicking the button bellow and filling out the forum. I’ll reach back out to you through the provided email in 24-48 hours.




core beliefs

I believe having the enthusiasm to learn and grow every day is the most beneficial attitude to have in this industry. I am passionate about compositing and lighting, trying each day to better understand both. Growing as an artist is easier and more beneficial when done as a team and I enjoy collaborating with others to achieve goals, solving problems, and helping make the environment around me as positive as possible. This sounds like a cover letter but it’s true to my core beliefs as a artist and a person.